Laboratories around the world rely on Texwipe cleanroom wipers, swabs, mop and papers to keep their cleanrooms up to the high Quality control standards in research facilities, academic environments, and laboratory settings. Having the right processes and the right products in place for your controlled environment can make the difference between a successful experiment and contamination problem. Texwipe provides professionals and students lab the right information and products knowledge for their current problems by our industry experts.

Texwipe offers a full range of contamination control products for pharmaceutical, biotechnology manufacturing and laboratories. It includes wipers, pre-wetted wipers, sterile alcohol, swabs, mops, cleanroom stationery and contamination control mats. Our products will help you maintain the integrity of your laboratory by providing contamination control and peace of mind so you can focus on your research.

Cleaning Validation swabs

Dry Wipers

  • Blended Nonwoven Wipers: Hydroentangled, polyester/cellulose blends for use in areas where moderate contamination control is required
  • Synthetic Wipers - Cut, laundered and cleanroom packaged wipers for critical environments


  • Contamination Control Mats: Adhesive-coated mats that capture particulates from foot-traffic and equipment wheels before they can get tracked into the cleanroom


  • AlphaMop: Polyester, microdenier and sterile mop covers and mop hardware specifically designed for ultraclean enviroments
  • Mini AlphaMop: Polyester, microdenier and sterile mop covers and hardware designed to facilitate cleaning in hard-to-reach places

Pre-wetted Wipers