Ensuring contamination control during the pharmaceutical research or manufacturing process is critical. Our cleanroom products ensure that your facility is protected and has the optimal resources for your facility.

Texwipe® offers a full range of contamination control products for pharmaceutical and biotechnology manufacturing and laboratories including wipers, pre-wetted wipers, sterile alcohol, swabs, mops, cleanroom stationery and contamination control mats. We have the advice, tools and products for such applications as:

  • Equipment and environmental surface cleaning for ISO Class 3-8
  • Controlling and removing spills
  • Applying and removing disinfectants and cleaning solutions
  • Cleaning tableting and powdering equipment
  • Cleaning interiors and exteriors of isolators
  • Spraying and wiping gloved hands
  • Mopping floors
  • Data documentation
  • Cleaning validation


Injectables, inhalants and ophthalmics produced in ISO Class 5 aseptic fill areas or in sterile isolators require stringent cleaning and disinfection.

  • Pre-sterilized or autoclaved wipers are required.
  • Polyester knits with sealed-borders are preferred for critical areas where visible fibers are of concern.
  • Polyester/cellulose and polypropylene nonwoven wipers are used in the less critical areas of tablet and API manufacturing.

Wipers are often used with sterile 70% Isopropyl alcohol (IPA) trigger sprays. Pre-sterilized wipers pre-wetted with 70% IPA offer a convenient alternative. Benefits include optimal wetness levels for effective particle removal, minimized VOC’s, reduced spill potential and elimination of storage and disposal of excess IPA.

Cleaning Validation

Cleaning validation is conducted to verify that no residue remains from previously manufactured product or from disinfectants and cleaning solutions. A full line of cleaning validation swabs and TOC Cleaning Validation Kits is available.

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