AlphaMop™ Polyester Mop Covers, Non-Sterile TX7118

AlphaMop™ Polyester Mop Covers, Non-Sterile TX7118


AlphaMop™ has been specifically designed for the needs of ultraclean production environments. It utilises the same materials as Texwipe’s state-of-the-art polyester AlphaWipe® wipers for effective cleaning and low contamination. The AlphaMop system features easily changeable, laundered polyester covers that fit over a flat padded head assembly. This arrangement permits users to rapidly change wiping surfaces as they mop, adhering to strict wiping protocol.

Sized to fit 15" x 8" flat mop heads such as AlphaMop (TX7108) and AlphaMop Autoclavable (TX7108A). Polyester mop covers and foam pads.

Features & Benefits

  • Laundered 100% knitted polyester cover material
  • No exposed seams
  • Rapid-change cover configuration
  • Bag-Within-A-Bag® cleanroom packaging
  • Fits the Texwipe TX7108 and TX7108A AlphaMop™ Cleanroom Mop (38 cm x 20 cm head)
  • Ultralow particle generation and extractables
  • Superior strength against abrasion
  • Excellent durability with low contamination
  • Allows user to change covers frequently, adhering to wiping protocol

Part Number: TX7118

Product Specs

Packaging: 150 mop covers/case (6 bags of 25 mop covers) Packaging: Pads - 6 replacement pads/case


  • Cleaning walls, ceilings and floors
  • Applying and removing solutions including disinfectants
  • Ideal for use with common disinfectants and cleaners, including Texwipe’s TexQ
  • Ideal for applications requiring low particle, extractable and ionic contamination
  • ISO Class 3 - 7 environments
  • Designed specifically for ultraclean manufacturing environments

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