An Innovation in the Cleanroom Industry

The Revolve™ line of cleanroom products by Texwipe® (patent pending) is an evolutionary innovation in the way polyester wipers and mop covers are manufactured.

Until the introduction of the Revolve™ line of products, polyester (PET) yarn has always been manufactured from virgin material. In contrast, the Revolve™ line of cleanroom consumable products is made from post-consumer polyester (rPET) yarn made by upcycling plastic water bottles.

Texwipe® did extensive research on the performance characteristics of rPET-made polyester compared to virgin polyester material. The rPET materials were processed through Texwipe's manufacturing lines and demonstrated equivalent properties as virgin material. With these results, a new line of products was born, culminating in the launch of Revolve™ products.

All products are made from 100% upcycled polyester material

How is Revolve™ made?

The polyester yarn used to make Revolve™ products is derived from post-consumer bottles. The bottles are collected and sent to the recycling center where they are sorted, cleaned, ground, repolymerized into the chip, and extruded to make the REPREVE™ yarn. Texwipe uses the REPREVE™ yarn to make the wiper fabric and then further cleans it to meet Texwipe’s standards for the cleanroom industry. Using the upcycled yarn substantially reduces the consumption of natural resources and thus lessens the carbon footprint.

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