Mini AlphaMop™  STX1720 Revolve™ Sustainable Integrated Covers/Pads, Sterile

Mini AlphaMop™ / Isolator Cleaning Tool™ STX1720 Revolve™ Sustainable Integrated Covers/Pads, Sterile

Sustainable Cleanroom Mop Covers

Revolve™ 2-in-1 mop covers, the first sustainable covers made for the cleanroom industry, are made from 100% upcycled polyester and are a part of Texwipe’s Revolve™ line of sustainable products. Revolve™ mop covers contribute to a company’s sustainability goals, reducing the amount of post-consumer water bottles going into the landfill and reducing the level of carbon emissions.

Revolve™ 2-in-1 flat mop covers are designed for easy cover changes by combining the cover and the mop pad in one. The polyester mop pad is integrated with the polyester cover, making the mop cover and pad replacement a one-step process. The padded cover allows for consistent contact with a surface.

Two sizes available to fit the AlphaMop™ (TX7108, TX7108AH) and the Isolator Cleaning Tool/ Mini AlphaMop™ (TX7101, TX7105). These are available in sterile and non-sterile offerings.

Features & Benefits

  • The integrated polyester cover/pad design allows replacing covers and pads in a one-step process
  • The integrated design offers high sorption capacity, which is ideal for spill control, cleaning, and solution application
  • The covers easily fit over the mop head, permitting a quick change
  • The integrated polyester pad assures the mop cover conforms to surfaces for consistent contact and cleaning
  • Revolve™ processing provides low levels of ions, NVRs (non-volatile residues), particles and fibers for use in critical cleaning applications and environments
  • Autoclave safe
  • Individually lot coded for traceability and quality control

7" x 4" (18 cm x 10 cm)

Part Number: STX1720

Product Specs

Sterile/Non-Sterile: Sterile Materials: REVOLVE™ Polyester Size: 7" x 4" (18 cm x 10 cm) Inner Bags: 10 covers/bag, triple bagged Outer Bags: 10 bags/case Packaging: Total 100 covers/case


  • Mopping and cleaning large and small surfaces
  • Applying and removing disinfectants
  • Spill control
  • Cleaning with solvents such as isopropyl alcohol (IPA), ethanol, acetone, and degreasers
  • Appropriate for use with temperatures less than 400°F (205°C)

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