Sterile Products

Texwipe submits its products to rigorous testing to ensure products meets performance and contamination criteria. The data listed in the Technical Data Sheets (TDS) represent typical analyses and are not specfications. Texwipe continually refines both its processes and its products.

Sterile 70% Isopropanol
TX3270 - English (US)
TX3273 - English (US)
TX3290 - English (US)
TX8270 - English (US)

Sterile AlphaSat® 10
TX3285 - English (US)

Sterile AlphaSat® 10 with WFI
TX3280 - English (US)

Sterile AlphaSat® with AlphaSorb® HC
TX3252 - English (US)

Sterile PolySat®
TX3213 - English (US)
TX3216 - English (US)

Sterile TechniSat®
TX3214 - English (US)
TX3217 - English (US)

Sterile TexTra™
TX3220 - English (US)

Sterile TexTra™ 10
TX3224 - English (US)
TX3225 - English (US)

Sterile Vertex - Dry Wipers
TX3042 - English (US)
TX3049 - English (US)
TX3059 - English (US)

Sterile Vertex - Pre-Wetted Wipers
TX3042P - English (US)
TX3049P - English (US)

SterileWipe™ AS 10
TX3215 - English (US)

SterileWipe™ HS II
TX3210 - English (US)

SterileWipe™ LP
TX3211 - English (US)

SterileWipe™ LP 10
TX3212 - English (US)