Alpha® 1 Microfiber STX1209

Alpha® 1 Microfiber STX1209

Alpha® 1 Microfiber STX1209 is made from 80% polyester / 20% nylon material with a sealed edge, cleanroom manufactured.

Alpha® 1 Microfiber STX1209 offers increased lifting and capturing of particles as small as microbes. They are  ideal for wiping surfaces susceptible to scratching because they are  manufactured to provide low levels of particles and extractables creating a wiper suitable for critical cleaning and wiping.

Meeting USP <797> and USP <800> wiper requirements for the industry and perfect to use aerospace, animal industry, laboratories, pharmaceutical, medical device, etc.

Part Number: STX1209

Product Specs

Type: 9" x 9" Materials: Microfiber Outer Bags: 5 bags/case Inner Bags: 100 wipers/bag (4 inner bags of 25 wipers) Sterile/Non-Sterile: Sterile


  • Wiping and cleaning surfaces, equipment and parts
  • Applying and removing lubricants, adhesives, residues
    and other solutions including disinfectants
  • Cleaning with solvents such as isopropyl alcohol (IPA), acetone, and degreasers
  • Appropriate for use with temperatures less than 400°F (205°C)

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