Picture of BetaMop® TX7125

BetaMop® TX7125

Designed for ease of use

Optimized for compatibility with both string and strip mop heads, this cleanroom mop features a quick opening clamp for an easy head refill change. BetaMop® hardware is designed for ease of use with Texwipe Tubular String or Strip head refills and integrates with other head refills too.

Ideal for use with Texwipe Seamless Stainless Steel or Polypropylene Buckets but can also be used with other wring-bucket systems. Available in white fiberglass (TX7106 or TX7125) or stainless steel (TX7092) options in a corrosion-resistant construction. To complete your mopping system, a variety of hardware, buckets, mop head refills, and sterile options are available. Compatible for use with all BetaMop string or strip head refills.

Features & Benefits

  • Designed for integration and use with other cleanroom string-type mops
  • Quick change design with rapid release clamp
  • Corrosion-resistant construction
  • Variety of add-ons and options available

60" (1.5m)

Part Number: TX7125

Product Specs

Product Section: Handles Size: 60" (1.5m) Kit Includes: (1) white fiberglass handle Kit Includes: (1) head frame Packaging: 1 mop kit/case


  • Cleaning floors
  • Applying and removing solutions including disinfectants
  • Spill control and removal

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