Small Compressed CleanFoam® TX751B
Small Compressed CleanFoam® TX751B handle

Small Compressed CleanFoam® TX751B


The Small Compressed CleanFoam® Swab is an excellent swab for cleaning very small areas, especially thin grooved areas of parts and assemblies. The pointed, precision tip is especially useful for magnified or microscopic work since the tip will obscure the whole field. Excellent swab for cleaning - suitable for precision application of solvents and cleaning solutions.

Swab features a small compressed CleanFoam® head with pointed tip on a short rigid polypropylene handle. Its compressed, laundered CleanFoam® head possesses good firmness and a pointed tip. Polyurethane foam head has been solvent-washed to greatly reduce nonvolatile residue. 

Features & Benefits

  • Good chemical compatibility with a variety of solutions
  • Readily absorbs solvents and solutions and grabs particulates
  • 100% virgin polypropylene handle ensures no additional contaminants are introduced while offering excellent chemical resistance
  • Autoclavable in dry heat and steam
  • Excellent chemical resistance
  • Low particle generation and extractable levels
  • The compact polypropylene handle provides support and control
  • A compact, rigid handle and tapered internal head core provide excellent support

Part No.Head WidthHead ThicknessHead LengthHandle WidthHandle ThicknessHandle LengthTotal Swab Length
TX751B 4mm (0.157") 3.5mm (0.138") 17mm (0.669") 2.4mm (0.094") 2.4mm (0.094") 50mm (1.969") 67mm (2.638")

Part Number: TX751B

Product Specs

Inner Bags: 500 swabs/bag (5 inner bags of 100 swabs) Outer Bags: 5 bags/case Packaging: 2,500 swabs total/case


  • Applying and removing lubricants, adhesives and other solutions in a critical clean environment
  • Scrubbing recessed areas
  • Removal of excess materials, debris
  • Cleaning intersecting surfaces and joints
  • Cleaning with compatible solutions and solvents
  • Picking up fine powders
  • Appropriate for use with temperatures less than 350°F

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