Dry Wipers

Dry Wipers


From creating the world's first lint-free wiper in 1964 to the recent announcement of our latest revolutionary technology behind the Vertex™ Wipers product family, Texwipe leads all industries in contamination control.

To maintain our leader status, we committed to investments in technology, innovation and creativity to consistenly manufacture cutting-edge, state-of-the-art products.

Our history speaks for itself. We have consistently supplied the highest quality, most consistent cleanroom wipers - from Vectra® processed, sealed-border wipers to Technicloth® nonwoven blends, Texwipe produces superior products.


We engineered a variety of products, fabrics and sizes to meet virtually any application. Vertex™ Wipers - utilizing cutting-edge, revolutionary technology, a variety of fabrics is available for applications where absolute clean is absolutely required.

  • Vectra® Process Sealed-Border Wipers - Ultra-clean, sealed-border wipers for the most critical environments
  • Sealed-Border Synthetic Wipers - Large and specialty wipers for the most critical environments
  • Sterile Wipers - Developed to clean aseptic cleanrooms, without compromising the sterile nature of those environments
  • Blended Nonwoven Wipers - Hydroentangled, polyester/cellulose blends for use in areas where moderate contamination control is required
  • Synthetic Wipers - Cut, laundered and cleanroom packaged wipers for critical environments
  • Specialty Wipers - A variety of unique wipers custom-engineered to address specific cleaning applications

Wondering which wiper is right for your specific need?

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Dry Wipers available for the follow ISO standards.