Texwipe submits its products to rigorous testing to ensure products meet performance and contamination criteria. The data listed in the Technical Data Sheets represent typical analyses and are not specifications.

TX NumbersDescriptionDocuments
TX29 Vertex TX20 Series TDS - English
TX42, TX49, TX3042, TX3049, TX3221 TX42P, TX49P, TX3042P, TX3049P, TX3044P Vertex TX40 Series TDS - English
TX59, TX3059 Vertex TX50 Series TDS - English
TX304, TX306, TX309, TX312 TexWipe® Cotton TDS - English
TX329 NuCotton® TDS - English
TX404, TX409 Absorbond® TDS - English
TX512 BlueWipe® TDS - English
TX604, TX606, TX609, STX609, TX612, TX627C, TX630, TX1041, TX1045, TX1048, TX1065, TX1067, TX3210, TX3214, TX3217, TX8488, STX4351, TX1068 TechniCloth® TDS - English
TX622, TX624, TX629 VersaWipe® TDS - English
TDS - Spanish (ES)
TX704 FoamWipe™ TDS - English
TX1004, TX1009, TX1009B, TX1013, TX1025, TX1034, TX1036, TX1039, TX3211 AlphaWipe® TDS - English
TX1008, TX1008B AlphaLite® TDS - English
TX1010, TX8410, TX8415, TX3212, TX3280, TX3285 Vectra® Alpha® 10 TDS - English
TX1012 Alpha® 10 TDS - English
TX1029 Vectra® Quantum® 100 TDS - English
TX1040 PolySat TDS - English
TX1050, TX1057, TX3215 Vectra® AlphaSorb® 10 TDS - English
TX1051, TX3213, TX3216 PolySat TDS - English
TX1052 AlphaSorb® 10 TDS - English
TX1060 Vectra® Honeycomb® 10 TDS - English
TX1069 Vectra® Alpha® Nu TDS - English
TX1070 TexTube® TDS - English
TX1080, TX1082, TX1084, TX1086 Vectra® QuanTex™ TDS - English
TX1109, TX1112, TX1118 TechniCloth® II TDS - English
TX1204, TX1206, TX1029, STX1209, TX1212, STX1212 Alpha® 1 Microfiber TDS - English
TX1704, TX1709, TX1712, TX1704P, TX1709P, TX1712P, STX1704, STX1709, STX1712, STX1704P, STX1709P, STX1712P Revolve™ TDS - English
TX2009 BetaWipe™ TDS - English
TX2064, TX2069, TX2068B, TX2069, TX2069B, STX4303, TX4304, STX4305, STX4306 ThermaSeal™ 60 Dry and Prewet Wipes  TDS - English
TX2412, TX2418, TX3252 AlphaSorb® HC TDS - English
TX2424, TX3220 TexTra™ TDS - English
TX2452, TX3224, TX3225 TexTra™ 10 TDS - English
TX4004, TX4009, TX4012 MiracleWipe® TDS - English
TX4409, TX4412 TechniScrub™ TDS - English
TX8659, TX8691 Vectra® LT TDS - English
TX8723 PolySat TDS - English
TX8932, TX8932S, TX8939 TexVantage - Nonwoven Series TDS - English
TX8944, TX8949, TX8942 TexVantage - Polyester Series TDS - English