AlphaMop™ Microdenier Mop Covers, Non-Sterile TX7118M

AlphaMop™ Microdenier Mop Covers, Non-Sterile TX7118M


AlphaMop M Series mop covers are constructed from microdenier fabric, a textile known for its ability to capture and hold contaminants. AlphaMop M Series is 100% polyester, never a blend.

Microdenier (or microfiber) fabric has increased capturing power with 4x the fibers and 8x the surface area of normal polyester materials. The small diameter of the individual filaments allows the lifting and capture of particles as small as microbes.

For cleanroom applications, we engineered this polyester microdenier cover to work with Quat-based cleaners.

Features & Benefits

  • 100% polyester fiber microdenier
  • Quat cleaner/disinfectant compatibility
  • Increased contaminant collection
  • Enhanced solution coverage
  • Maximum removal of small and micro contaminants (more fibers, more surface area cleaned
    and prevents cleanroom contamination)
  • Improved coverage area for application of solutions (quats, IPA, etc.)
  • Traps and keeps: microdenier fabric captures contaminants, as small as microbes, and lifts them away
  • Works well with disinfectants: scrapes off residue left behind

Part Number: TX7118M

Product Specs

Materials: Microdenier polyester mop covers Packaging: 150 mop covers/case (6 bags of 25 mop covers) Packaging: 6 polyester pads/case


  • Cleaning walls, ceilings and floors
  • Applying and removing solutions including disinfectants
  • Ideal for use with common disinfectants and cleaners, including Texwipe’s TexQ
  • ISO Class 3 - 7 environments

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